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Why Us?

Famous for its top of the line products, Popular Windows is a leading window and door manufacturing brand based in Jabalpur, India. We boast of over 50 years of experience in making high-quality timber products and another 10+ years in providing reliable aluminum products. Lately, Popular Windows has also emerged as a leading provider of uPVC doors and windows that meet the highest quality standards. Our mission is to provide the Indian market with ultra-high quality products coupled with innovative technology and pocket-friendly solutions.

Strong & Secure

Our uPVC windows and doors have been engineered to provide high security against unwanted intrusions, thanks to the secure hardware fittings and metal reinforcements. Also, the rot and corrosion-free frame material can withstand the most extreme weather conditions.


Our systems are tailor-made to protect you against a high UV index. The raw materials are carefully selected and processed using advanced extruding to provide high resistance against UV radiation.

Energy Efficient

Our uPVC windows and doors offer superior insulation against heat than regular glass. In essence, uPVC systems will effectively cut out more heat and maintain optimal temperatures around your home or premise. 

Environmentally friendly

Often, an overlooked feature, uPVC windows, and doors are the eco-friendly systems that can last for up to 80 years. Also, the materials used are recyclable up to 10x and doesn’t harm the environment whatsoever.                                                                       

Easy to Maintain

Our uPVC window and door frames are super-duper easy to clean using a typical homemade cleaner made from liquid soap. The smooth surface is effortless to clean and is weather-resistant as well. Also, our products don’t need annual varnishing and repainting to keep them clean.

Sound Proof

We use advanced double seal technology and multi-chambered profile design for the ultimate insulation against sound. The uPVC systems can also possibly assist in protection against noise pollution.


Our uPVC windows and doors come in multiple style configurations, offering an efficient ventilation system. The systems can open in two directions leading to optimal draft-free ventilation.                                       

Weather Resistant

Our uPVC products can cope with any weather conditions – be it rainy, sunny, or windy. Apart from being rot and corrosion-free, our systems can also withstand powerful storms. This benefit will come in handy during windy conditions in any high rise buildings.

Durable, Elegent, and Eco-friendly

uPVC Windows

Slide & Fold uPVC Doors

Perfect for large open spaces, these door systems have multiple frames with moving/fixed frames. The doors can open inward or outward, depending on your requirement. And of course, the multi-locking points make them extremely reliable security-wise. 

French uPVC Doors

Our uPVC French doors have hinges on the sides that make them open either inward or outward. The design aesthetics are lovely and will bring that unique touch of ‘colonial’ architectural design around your premise.       

Sliding uPVC Doors

Popular Windows sliding uPVC doors are elegant, to say the least. They are durable, secure, and take up minimal space. Additionally, they are waterproof.                                                                                                                 

Tilt & Slide uPVC Doors

Ease of use, high-quality construction, and thermal integrity are the typical characteristics of Power Windows tilt and slide uPVC doors. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, you can tilt the door inwards for ventilation or slide it horizontally.

I have been a customer of Popular group from past 10 years. You do not stay with same vendor for so long unless they are absolutely amazing.


– Sudarshan Mahajan.

I am really satisfied with the services provided by Popular windows. The accuracy, rates and quality is out of this world. There’s no one in the Mahakaushal which match the service of Popular.


Sunil Ahuja.

Great experience working with Popular Windows, I feel I gotten at least 50 times the value from Popular windows. I can’t say enough about Popular windows. Popular windows has got everything I need.


Rajesh Mehta.

Our Franchiser


To position ourselves as the market-leading brand, Popular Windows has in place a vast network of partners to improve our product technology and supplies. We are backed by NLC VEKA who brings aboard their 90+ years of experience in manufacturing door and window profiles with the latest German technology. So, be it a villa, skyscraper, or even a residential complex, Popular Windows offers reliable and suitable profile range that fits all the requirements of any modern-day designer, promoter, or constructor.


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